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Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind,

and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.


B.K.S. Iyengar



Søby Landevej 20 and during summer at Ærøskøbingbeach every tuesday  & thursday


Guests welcome - Yoga also in english and with seaview! (we practice in balance with nature& weather also out in the garden ...)
Come and enjoy the stretching and relaxation in a small group or book single lessons – (also for families, friends, beginners...)

(these are with flexibel timing please always call in forehand 0045 41486895)

16 Uhr Yoga for all levels, 17.30- 18 Uhr Kundaliniyoga (from 1.7.-26.8. at the beach 7pm)

19 pm meditation with breathand visualiseringsexercises
9am morningyoga with yinyoga

16.-17.30 Vitalyoga (especially for women over 35+)  
9am beachyoga    Søby studio  19.30- 21  yin-yoga for beginners
fridays, 8.30 Uhr God-morningyoga


Beachyoga starting1.july: every thursdag 9 am, tuesdays 19pm July & august at Ærøskøbing Beach Vesterstrand) at the coloured houses (only while dry weather), costs: 55 kr.adults, pupils 35 kr., take a blanket/towel with you . 


Friday, 12th oct. 17 pm to sunday, 16.10. 15 pm
Songs of Earth, Sun and Stars

Island Ærø , Baltic sea



A ceremonial weekend of Drumming, Chanting and Sweat Lodge



You are warmly invited to journey deeply with your voice supported by the heartbeat of the drum under the guidance of musician / teacher Michael Bonser, Wales.

We will explore Sacred Chants and with them the stories of different peoples, their connection to the earth and their healing power. These songs, born in ceremonies of healing and prayer, are an invitation to connect with your heart, spirit, ancestors and nature in joy. They can help to open new spaces within as the drum vibrates in every cell, deep dreaming and powerful ways to connect to the land and people around you.

During these days we’ll sing these sacred chants together, principally from North and South America or Celtic countries. Those who wish are welcomed also bring their own drum to play.

On Saturday night, we will celebrate a sweat lodge (traditional purification ceremony) to deepen our experience with the songs. You're welcome to join us for just one day if that's what works best for you!

Michael Bonser is a musician & teacher who runs Sweat Lodges and Prayer ceremonies. He has more than 20 years experience in the power and beauty of chants from around the world. His work is an honouring of the Sacred Chants and Prayer ceremonies of Native American and Indigenous traditions. Since 1994, he has participated in Vision Quests and Sacred Dance ceremonies with teachers from Turtle Island, including Arwyn DreamWalker, lineage carrier of the Navajo Beauty Way.

Location: Organic farm & Yogastudio Vitsø, Baltic Sea Island Ærø (45 km German border) 5985 Søby
Registration & Info: Dorit Lassen mail@yoga-aeroe.info 0045 41486895 www.yoga-aeroe.info



Cost: 210 € (incl. Teas, water, fruit and 2 lunches, traditionally half-boarded Saturday) Overnight accommodation can also be booked through us: double room 60- 80 € / night, or in the camper, nearby B & B, campsite or similar.

Arrival: by flight to Copenhagen or Hamburg, then by car to Fynshav (behind Sonderborg), www.aeroe-ferry.info or train to Svendborg, ferry crossing every 70 minutes.


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