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organic farm, with apartment, Yoga Studio and nature protection projects.
Tel: 0045 - 33211111 - mobil: 0045 - 41486895

On the small, sunny danish island in the Baltic sea, amidst beautiful nature, lays our farmhouse (from 1868) with 6,5 ha organic land. The island itself has 6500 inhabitants, is 30 km long and ca. 9km wide. It is a quiet place where you can relax and calm down – it feels like the time has stopped here somehow. Beautiful old villages and small harbors greet while you can enjoy great views over the hilly landscape going down to the Sea.

Our huge wild garden, meadows and naturereservate invite for hiking and dreaming – direct at the bicycle and hikingtrail to the Baltic and old Castle/mills etc. Here you can just rest in a hammock and enjoy the sight and sunset over the sea, listening to the many birds or harvest wild herbs. ...

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